Phone numbers recognition

Conversation tracking

SMS group messaging

Real-time inbox notifications

Engage talents over SMS

from your browser

"SmartText is our go-to option when engaging talents over SMS. It's simple and worth the investment."

Roy Baladi, Senior Product Manager at SmartRecruiters


times a day people check their phone


of SMS are opened in the first 3 minutes


of candidates can't respond to call


Phone number on-page detection.

SmartText's browser extension recognizes phone numbers on any page you visit so you can focus on engaging talent instead of filling data.

Write once, send to many with Groups.

Save your candidates in groups so you can send them your message in one go later.

Get notified when talents respond with Inbox.

Don't check for new messages, our plugin will tell you when a candidate answers one of your message.

Conversation history at hand.

No need to take notes or remember what you sent.
Our plugin keeps the whole story for you.

A price simple as Smart Text

The price includes a US local phone number 

Unlimited responses
US phone number

Template engine

Group messaging

Inbox system

Online support

per month per user


Buy a custom volume.

Minimum is 10,000 SMS.

per text message



Frequently Asked Questions

How do you handle candidates that want to opt-out?

By default, Smart Text handles English-language reply messages such as STOP, UNSTOP, UNSUBSCRIBE or CANCEL, in accordance with industry standards.


Any of these replies will opt customers back in to the messages coming from your Smart Text number.


Either of these replies will return a message informing the customer that they can use the above commands to control the delivery of messages.

Can I send 10,000 or more text messages a month?

Your usage is unlimited, feel free to use Smart Text as much as you need. You just need to know that once you get past your first 200 text messages it will cost you 0,02$ per text sent.

There is no limit to text message you receive.

Do you support Linkedin?

Yes! We identify automatically any phone numbers on Linkedin and we also attached the first name and last name to it.

Are you integrated with any Applicant Tracking System?

Short answer: Yes! We currently support SmartRecruiters. Even if we're not tightly integrated with your ATS, we still recognise phone numbers automatically.

Do you support countries other than the US?

Currently we are focused on the US market but drop an email at We'll tell you under a week if we can provide the same service for your country.

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Improve your candidate communication by 450%

or how to go from 20% reach (emailing) to 90% (texting)